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The Foundation of Manifesting.

In this week’s lesson Haanel gives us the exercise of visualizing a plant from unseen to seen. And he describes the process of the visualization exercise in precise detail in 9.32.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about manifestation, the process of making something evident, or perceptible, especially to our five senses.

Perhaps the best description I’ve ever come across of the manifestation process can be found in Machaelle Small Wright’s book, Co-Creative Science, A Revolution in Science Providing Real Solutions For Today’s Health & Environment. (pages 95 through 102)

Machaelle pioneered a way to work with what she calls Nature Intelligence in co-creating and manifesting.

She describes three dynamics to manifestation. Like Haanel, she emphasizes the high level of focus, the intensity of focus, required to manifest.

Clarity of thought and visualization were key”, she says. They are the foundation of manifestation in the first dynamic, and become increasingly important in the other two dynamics.

From the unseen to the seen

In Haanel 9.33, after going through the description of a plant from the unseen to the seen, Haanel writes:

When you are able to make your vision clear and complete you will be enabled to enter into the spirit of the thing; it will become real to you …

Acorn to Oak filmed over an 8 month period time-lapse

In Week 7, I mentioned that my mother is psychic. To be honest, we are all psychic. But most of us have not learned how to recognize this in ourselves.

Just as the principle of what wires together fires together and what you use grows, what you don’t use atrophies, applies in how we create our lives; it also applies to our culture.

Our modern culture hasn’t recognized these very real and natural capacities in us, so they get ignored, and grow weaker.

But they are present, waiting for us to become aware of them and develop them, just like exercise develops our muscles.

What people refer to as psychic abilities are connected with our primary glandular/sensory systems which draw information from our environment. This happens with both the external physical, mental and energetic environments, as well as the internal physical, mental and energetic environments.

Just as we may have preferred learning styles, we also have preferred ways in which we process information. I suspect these are closely tied to our temperaments, what many refer to as the four temperaments. You may know them as personality colors. (There hasn’t been, to my knowledge, much academic research into this. If you have come across research about this, drop me line in the comments below. I’d be interested in knowing.)

Here’s a short summary, the four psychic receptive areas. (1)

  • Intuition – Psychic knowing, or sometimes called prophetic knowing
  • Feeling – Sensing, empath, the body as an antenna, or tuning fork
  • Hearing – Inner listening, the still small voice within
  • Vision – Seeing, auras, images on the mind’s eye screen, dreams

People often have a primary preferred way of processing information and then a secondary way. We all have all four and other forms, too, to some degree.

My mother is clairvoyant, primarily visual. Visualizing is a piece of cake for her. Most information about manifesting focuses heavily on the visual and visualization techniques.

I am primarily knowing, intuitive, with my secondary sense being feeling. My nervous system is ultra-sensitive.

Vision is the weakest reception area for me.

I am also an abstract thinker. Most people see concrete images in their mind’s eye when they think of something, say a dog, or cat. My mind’s eye stays blank, or black. I don’t see the concrete images when I think. About 2 – 5 percent of the population are abstract thinkers.

This makes visualization especially difficult for me.

I thought perhaps there may be other people like me. People with whom visualizing is more difficult. For this reason I thought to share the Manifesting Our Sofa story to help you relate to a process that may not be so visual but relies more on the knowing and feeling senses. And still allows you a clarity of thought to initiate your visualization process.  (This happened in 2006, the sofa in the above photo, ten years ago. 🙂 )

First off, I made a clear decision. I wanted a new sofa. I didn’t know what it looked like, but I knew how it felt. So, I focused on the feeling of that sofa. As I feel the spirit of the thing, it becomes real through the sensation of feeling. Here, I am gaining clarity of thought, but through feeling, first.

The visual comes latter in the process.

What often happens, is that as I focus on this feeling, in time, I often then begin to have snippets of information that I suddenly just know, or I will hear with my inner hearing. Then images pop up in my mind’s eye screen. Because my mind screen is most often blank, or black, these images really stand out to me. I jot these down in my journal.

When I start to see images, I know that the manifestation process is strengthening. When the images start popping up, this lets me know that the physical manifestation is coming soon. This indicates, it is already done.

In the case of my sofa, what I saw was a color, a specific shade of rust. This felt right for me. Yes, I heard and felt inside me. This is the right color for the feel of what I wanted as a sofa in our living room. I told my husband about the snippet of an image I saw, and within days, I got a call from him.

He had walked into the local Habitat for Humanity store and saw a sofa that matched the color of rust I described to him. When I arrived at the store, as soon as I saw the back of the sofa, the color matched exactly, I knew, this was the sofa I felt. We were able to purchase a $4500.00 sofa for $1300.00. It was an amazing find. It felt almost miraculous, or magical.


I want to add a couple of tips here.

1. What we manifest often shows up through other people. This happens a lot with my husband and me.

2. I’ve tried at times to describe this felt sensation of knowing. It feels like something syncing, or clicking inside, as if two gears have come together and fall into groove with each other. It’s a very real, visceral, inner sensation.  Some examples of how a person with different reception area preferences may experience this:  if you are more clairaudient you may hear an inward click, or if you are more visual, you make see the gears click.  Everyone is unique.  Everyone has their own unique inner language.

I hope this may be helpful to others. Start with your strength, and hold the focus, the other pieces of the process will come to you.

One more thing, to help me develop a capacity to visualize better I am learning how to draw. I’m using the book, “Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain” by Betty Edwards.

She teaches that learning how to see, as it relates to drawing, is a global skill. It’s a book that many remote viewers recommend for developing their ability to visualize clearly.  I’ll let you know how this works out for me, as I learn more.

(1) *You Are Psychic by Pete A Sanders, Jr.

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* Master Key Master Mind Alliance (MKMMA)

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