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SIT, In Silence …

In last Sunday’s webinar we were encouraged to SIT in Silence at some point over the next two weeks, for at least a day, or more.

I love the SIT’s and as I listened to Mark J and Davene talk about the value of an extended SIT or period of Silence, I got excited.  And I love the challenge of this, the opportunity to try this for myself and discover what happens.

After, I got a little bit of clarity about how it works, I talked with my husband about it. I live in a great space that is conducive for this. But he needed to be on-board to cooperate with me, during this time.

He agreed and we scheduled three days of Silence for this upcoming week, Monday through Wednesday.

Last night, it hit him, this was for real.

He started asking questions like, “Can you listen to music?” “No,” I answered, “that’s not silence, that’s listening to music.” He asked, “Can you go for long walks.” I said, “Yes.”

I walk the dogs every day, and this time may be a challenge for me, since I often talk to the dogs on a walk. I may need to adapt and not take them on walks.

Then he said, “But you can’t take a long walk after dark.” I could, but we live way out in the country, away from people and lights, and it’s not a good idea to walk alone after dark.

I say to my husband, “We talked about this extensively. You agreed to work with me on this. What’s up?”

He tells me, he’s got an evening meeting scheduled with a national coordinator for a group he’s involved in that he can’t reschedule.

Ahhh…. Now this all makes sense. ( LOL )

He has a booming voice, often times I will put music on when he’s in a meeting, so I can hear my own thoughts and to tune out the meeting.

Our solution, I’ll wear noise canceling headphones and I will SIT upstairs during his meeting time.

A curious “pre-effect” to my decision to SIT in Silence for three days this week, is that I’ve been spontaneously going into longer silences this past week.

It’s like my mind is gearing up for the experience, sort of like preparing for a mental vacation.

Another curious thing I observed this week.

I feel is related to what I’ve been doing in this course, is that on Friday morning, I lost my entire journal for 2017. That’s over 259 pages of journal notes. That’s a huge loss of time, effort, energy, work, information.

I accidentally overwrote the journal with this quote graphic from HeartMath Institute. (Which I chose to pay attention to, as well.)

Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate. Carl Jung. H3B

Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate. Carl Jung. H3B

I tried several ways to try to recover the previous version of the document. None worked. It’s due in part because of how I keep it on a thumb drive rather than on my main computer.

I had thought many times over the past few months to back it up, but always ignored that little impulse to do so. It’s gone. All gone.

In the past, I would have become emotional about such a loss.

This time my reaction was different. I didn’t hardly have any reaction, at all. I felt a slight twinge of sadness. But it passed almost as soon as it arose.

I think this may be related to what we’ve been reading in Scroll V.

“I waste not a moment mourning yesterday’s misfortunes, yesterday’s defeats, yesterday’s aches of the heart, for why throw good after bad.”

And so on.

Letting go of yesterday, I liberate tomorrow.

Emotionally, I very quickly accepted the situation. Let it go, and then restarted my journal from the point it happened. 3.3.2017.

As I remember key points I make note of them in the new journal document. And I back it up every night now. 🙂

On an entirely different note, more from the digital connections aspect of this course. Yesterday, I finally learned how to use Inoreader.  All the *MKMMA blogs I follow are now moved into it.

It’s a wonderful organizational tool. It’s going to help me simplify catching up on reading all the *MKMMA blogs I follow.

After my three days of silence, I’ll write a blog, and then start reading everyone else’s. I’ve gotten a bit behind on the reading, because it was an organizational mess for me. Looking forward to learning how everyone has been doing these past couple of weeks.

Here’s to Happy SITTING.

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Image Credit:  HeartMath Institute

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