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Reversing the Reversal…

There’s an interesting exercise I learned about 20 years ago that goes like this:

Find another person, and place your hands together, palm to palm, and have them push your palm. Or vice versa. Watch what happens. Do you automatically push back?

Now, try something different. Let you palm drop, instead of pushing back.

Is it now possible for that person to continue to push you?

Another variation of this exercise is to hold a pencil in your hand and try to let go of the pencil while holding it.

What happens?

Now, just stop holding the pencil, and see if it naturally releases.

These are releasing techniques. There’s a few more like them.

But here’s what I want to share here. I don’t know exactly when it happened, but at some point, the principles of these releasing techniques became habit for me. To the point to where now, simply becoming aware of something that I am holding onto, automatically dissolves it.

This is also the beauty of the Franklin Makeover. The habit of neutral observation increases inner awareness. We begin to gain access to our inner world. A very real and rich inner world.

The practice of “catching ourselves and others in a positive expression” of whatever inner quality we are wanting to develop, rewires our inner circuitry from a negative bias to a positive bias.  Essentially, reversing the reversal.

Imagine how our world would be different if our entire culture reversed it’s bias from negative to positive.

Feel free to share what comes to mind in the comments below.

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