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Sometimes life can seem to get in the way of what we think we “ought” to be doing. 

However, I’ve discovered, when you’re clear on your purpose, from the inside out, even being off task, can still be on purpose.

The body thrives on routine,

The mind on stimulation,

And the soul on meaning.

No one has ever told me this.  It’s just insights I’ve figured out on my own, over the years, through personal observation.  Sometimes the needs of one move in conflict with another.

When the needs of all three are aligned, harmony within emerges.

This past week has been odd for me, in that all my regular daily routines have been disrupted.

It usually happens during this time of the year.

We live off-grid, and while that often sounds glamorous or adventuresome to most people, what it means is that we essentially provide our own grid, if we want live with some sense of normalcy.  We’re not wealthy.  It’s been a gradual process of slowly pulling the pieces together as we can.  Again, over time.

What is taken care of for other people in city or county services, we take of ourselves.  If a water line breaks from our cistern to the house, it’s on us to repair it.  When the bridge on our road became impassable, it was up to the people who live past that bridge to come together to find a way to repair and make it passable again.

Starting just before Christmas we’ve had several snow storms come through.  We get our power through solar, and with days and days of little to no sun, our batteries depleted.  We lost power every night as the sun goes down for the past week.  This is accumulative.  The loss of power every day, without a good recharge on the batteries can run the system so low, that every morning it may take longer to recharge enough for running even small clocks.

The Persephone Period keeps me humble.

Usually, I prepare myself for it, starting somewhere around Thanksgiving.  A period of time that gardeners call the Persephone Period.  It’s when the duration of sunlight falls below 10 hours a day.

Chickens will start laying little to no eggs during this time frame.  And plant growth slows way down.

The further north you go, the longer this Persephone Period lasts.  In some places in the south, it is never experienced.  In my latitude it lasts about 2 months.  Starting around Thanksgiving and ending a little after Martin Luther King’s day.

I’ve come to accept this time of year, and this annual gap in our grid.  It also serves to remind me to be grateful for what we have.  I never take the fact that we have power, or can be warm, and fed, with a comfortable bed to sleep in out of the weather, for granted.

Earlier this month as I thought about this coming time frame, I told myself, this is temporary.  We are most often affected, maybe 20 days out of the year.  I pushed it out of my mind and kept focusing on what I needed to do to forward my DMP.

I’ve learned to just go with the flow and adapt when this happens.

But this year, both my husband and I are sick.  He more so than me.  So, we held off getting the back-up generator going.  At this point, we have four generators around our battery bank, three are not working.  My husband had to drive the skidster up to his shop, and bring down his welder which has a generator, yesterday.  This is what we are now using for lights at night.

So, this week, I’ve been sleeping a lot, due in part to no power, and in part to get my body healed faster.  I’ve taken lots of Vitamin C, shots of Mystica, and bowls of chicken soup.

My normal routine has been disrupted which has left me feeling somewhat scattered in my focus.

The reason why our bodies thrive with routine is because of our inner clocks.  Our natural biological circadian rhythms restore energy to our bodies the way the sun on solar panels accumulates power in the batteries of our solar system.

This is why the 3x daily rhythms of our readings can also be so powerful.  Same natural laws at work.

Due to the loss of power and all that extra sleeping this past week, I lost a lot of production time.

I didn’t have the energy to really focus on writing.  However, my mind, being mind, still needed stimulation.  So I read.  The Art of War by Sun Tzu was brought to my attention this week, and I revisited it.

Just as I had revisited *The War of Art by Stephen Pressfield a few weeks ago, and (self) *Mastery by Robert Greene, a month prior to that.

I also decided to watch Rudy this week, in addition to October Sky last week, because of a serendipity of how *The Art of War by Sun Tzu came to my attention, through someone called Rudy.

There is a translation to *The Art of War that draws on the consideration of the cultural mindset of Sun Tzu.  It comes from the perspective that in order to truly understand Sun Tzu’s meaning his cultural mental model must be taken into account.  You can learn more about it as this website, Science of Strategy.

Yesterday afternoon, as I was trying to think about what to write this week, all of this was percolating in my mind.  I found myself thinking about the wholistic approach that Sun Tzu writes in his philosophy.  And what is referred to as his non-linear approach to decision-making.  That this is what he is teaching in his book.

Gradually, I realized that I will be using this information in the book I’m writing.  As I will also draw on Stephen Pressfield and Robert Greene.  It occurred to me that none of this was in my plans.  In each case I had gone off task, but somehow remained on purpose.

Soul thrives on meaning.

So this is where soul comes into play.

Because I have a clarity of purpose, or meaning, (DMP) when I derailed on task, I naturally moved in alignment with my purpose.  Noticing this is insightful to me.

I still don’t feel up to par for writing.  It’s work, mentally,  right now, to get this written.  All week, I’ve been at a loss of what to write.  But this morning when I woke up, those first three lines I wrote where on my mind.

Insight enables

It’s repeated over and over, in this week’s Haanel lesson.

As Haanel describes, it turns out that all things do work toward the purpose we hold in clarity charged with the emotion of love.

Even if we feel we sometimes get off task, we may surprise ourselves in that we still remained on purpose, …

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