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Pulling it all together with the Movie Poster.

This week is fascinating because we get to pull so many of the pieces of what we’ve been gradually building over the past five weeks together into a very fun bundle called the Movie Poster.

What’s even more exciting for me is when I realized how the Universe, Infinite Intelligence, if you will, gave me my movie poster last October.

The image above is a photo I took on the drive home from town.  It’s a view of the canyon at sunset.

I was driving home, thinking about the movie we had just seen, A Walk in the Woods.  When I noticed the breathtaking sunset over the ridge.  I stopped to take a photo, and it wasn’t until I saw the photo that I realized what had just happened.

Let me explain, as a kid, I learned that the Universe, Spirit, God, Beloved, Life, (***) often speaks to us via meaningful coincidences, or what Carl Jung referred to as synchronicity.  It’s a language, and once you learn it, your life will never be the same again.

(It’s going to get very fun here, so stick around, I’ll come back in the morning to finish this out.)  🙂


*** (Feel free to insert the name that is most meaningful to you.  My favorite is Beloved.  I didn’t know the Sufi’s used that term until my thirties.  I’ve been using it since I was about 15ish.  Lately, I’ve been using Infinite Intelligence more, because of how it will play out with my DMP, my chief aim.)

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* Master Key Master Mind Alliance (MKMMA)

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