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Have you ever experienced self-doubt?

The very next morning after I wrote the blog post for Week 52, while brushing my teeth and thinking about a series of blog posts I want to write here at my new site, H3B, I felt a twinge of self-doubt. And thought to myself, “I’m still chipping away at the cement.

Have you ever noticed in your journey of personal and spiritual soul growth, of self-mastery, the tendency to want to feel, “I’ve arrived.”?

I have.

[ctt template=”5″ link=”Uu820″ via=”yes” nofollow=”yes”]I have to remind myself, this is a good sign. It means I’m growing.[/ctt]

For me, it often happens after a major breakthrough. The feeling of being liberated from the bits of stone and cement, the exhilaration of freedom, it’s a great cause for celebration within yourself.

You’re moving outside the box of your previous ideas about yourself. Yaaay!!!!!

Then a nagging feeing of doubt creeps in at the edges of your enthusiasm? Argh…

Have you ever started something that you feel very excited about, and then as you begin to work on it, … well, all the criticisms from your past pop up and your confidence sags, have you experienced this?

Subby Acting Up

In the *Master Key Experience , we call this “the old blueprint”. It’s your subby acting up. The Red Pencil Syndrome.

Don’t get discouraged after the exhilaration, when you discover more cement to chip away from your inner golden Buddha.

It’s been centuries in the building.

I have to remind myself, this is a good sign. It means I’m growing.

In Week 49 of the 2016/2017 Session I indicated that the *Master Key Experience is a way of discovering the Golden Buddha within.

In the launch videos and again in the *MKMMA webinar for week 1, we watched the story of the Golden Buddha.

Golden Buddha with rose in hand, MKMMA, H3B

Golden Buddha with rose in hand, MKMMA, H3B

This story tells of a Temple of the Golden Buddha.

Many years ago in Thailand, an army from a neighboring country was about to invade a village. The villagers covered the statue of the Golden Buddha with cement so that it looked like a stone Buddha and the army would perceive no value in it.

It worked and the golden statue of Buddha was not plundered. However, over time, people forgot that the statue was actually gold, and not stone.

No one remembered that the Buddha was golden.

Years later, a piece of that cement chipped off of the Buddha, and they discovered, or remembered what they had forgotten, that the stone Buddha was in fact Gold.

They began unearthing their Golden Buddha

Alan Cohen tells this story in the documentary about Joseph Campbell, Finding Joe.

He says, “The metaphor is that each of us were born golden by nature.” Then, a casing of stone over our inner Buddha cracks. Our casing gets knocked off … a piece of our armour.

And we start a journey of discovering our authentic self.  The true “Hero’s Journey”.

Our Master Key Experience, in fact, any personal journey or adventure we embark upon, can be seen in the Hero’s Journey pattern.

This becomes the rhythm of our growth. Like the seasons for trees.

self-doubt into self-confidence

Nature’s Telepathy

We receive the call.

Embark on our journey.

Learn from the challenges.

And grow anew.

Share our growth.

And start again.

The circle of the journey from self-doubt to self-confidence comes from living it out.

We’re charting new inner pathways here. It’s normal for this to feel uncomfortable.

It’s helpful to me to remember this is a process, not a final destination.

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Image Credit:  trees, Training Solutions, LLC

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