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A little bit about edina

Loves humanity nature, life, long walks, trees, water, gardening Living as if the Spirit in All Life Matters

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Living in Sunny Colorado

edina is a bonafide scanner, a voracious reader, and lover extraordinaire of nature.

edina smiling and sitting in home office

Hanging out in my home office in Sunny Colorado. What a blessing to live here!!!

She hikes the hills of her home canyon, in training to hike the 2169 miles of the Appalachian trail in 2020, the year she turns 60. (Her awesome adventuresome goal; everyone needs a little adventure in their life. :) )

She is going back to school through Khan Academy; brushing up on her math to prepare herself for her learning journey on the subjects of neuroscience, music theory and quantum biology through various free online courses.


She owns and operates several home-based businesses, each designed to honor her passions, purposes and humanity while also honoring the humanity of others and the rest of life on the planet, to the best of her ability.

Known as a “dream manager”, edina helps people who want to run their own home-based businesses to reconnect to their inner spark, inner vision, purpose and passion.

She teaches people a High Tech, High Touch business model, using technology to simplify your systems so you can focus on what matters … building real relationships with real people.

She lives outback in the 4 Corners, USA with her husband of 20 years, 2 dogs that roam the canyon with her, and more chickens than she can count.

And she is turning her mountain garden into a permaculture forest, using all sorts of sustainable gardening practices.

edina uses the lower case “e” for her name because she prefers curves to straight lines, and it looks like a spiral.

Small Is Beautiful


mountain view

One of my favorite views from my daily hikes, … Outback in Colorado.